Wednesday, July 3, 2013

prepositional phrases with FROM

Zapraszam dzisiaj do zapoznania się z kilkoma wyrażeniami z przyimkiem FROM... 

Let's take a look:

  1. from memory
  2. from time to time
  3. from up close
  4. from time immemorial
  5. from this day on
  6. from top to toe
  7. from the year dot
  8. from the horse's mouth
  9. from the bottom of one's heart
  10. from spite
  11. from smoke into smother
  12. from scratch
  13. from pillar to post
  14. from afar
  15. from across the way
Poniżej zamieszczam tłumaczenia:
  1. z pamięci
  2. od czasu do czasu
  3. z bliska
  4. od niepamiętnych czasów
  5. od dzisiaj
  6. od stóp do głów
  7. od niepamiętnych czasów
  8. prosto z mostu
  9. z głębi serca
  10. na złość
  11. z deszczu pod rynnę
  12. od zera
  13. tam i z powrotem
  14. z daleka
  15. z naprzeciwka
A few questions to you:
  • Can you sing the whole Polish anthem from memory?
  • Where do you go from time to time?
  • Have you ever seen a lion from up close?
  • What have you been trying to learn from time immemorial?
  • What are you going to do from this day on?
  • What do you look like from top to toe?
  • Have you tried to save aside money from the year dot?
  • Just tell me from the horse's mouth... do you like English?
  • From the bottom of your heart... do you like Poland?
  • How do you free your heart from spite?
  • Do you remember a situation in which you went from smoke into smother?
  • Is there anything you'd like to start from scratch?
  • Does pacing from pillar to post help you relax?
  • Can you see clearly from afar?
  • Does a huge truck coming from across the way scare you?
Just answer some of my questions above :)

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