Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The other day I was asked how to say JAKOŚ TO BĘDZIE...

The other day I was asked how to say 'jakoś to będzie'... I think I was helping someone write their presentation and then this phrase popped up :) Anyhow, this is what you should say:


A few examples from the Net:
  • For some reason, the UK government believes that, somehow, things will work out differently there...
  • ...have a top relocation company on the case, so I hope things will work out.
  • ...a firm belief that things will work out well with an ability to confront the...
  • Scientists have discovered that even when people imagine bad things happening in the future they believe things will work out for the best.
  • Some hear voices that inspire them to create. Others hear voices that help them remember to do things, or just tell them that things will work out.
  • Once everything works itself out, it will be alright in the end.
  • Or then again I'm sure it will be alright in the end.
  • wrapped up in performance problems that a request for even a modest audience is met with 'I'm sure it will be alright, you're the expert' or words to that effect.      

My question to you:
Leave your positive sentence about what you think will work out for you soon :)

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