Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jak oset stał się symbolem Szkocji?

Source: Flickr
Hi! Do you know how the thistle became the national emblem of Scotland? Well, according to legend, the story happened at one night in 1263 when Norse raiders slipped ashore. They had a great plan to go barefoot in order not to alert the sleeping Scots... However, their strategy failed after one of the invaders stepped on a prickly...


...and screamed in pain, rousing the clansmen. Then, awoken Scots defeated the Norsemen in the Battle of Largs.

  • thistle - oset
  • emblem - symbol, godło
  • raiders - najeźdźcy
  • slip - wśliznąć się
  • ashore - na ląd
  • barefoot - na bosaka
  • alert - alarmować
  • fail - zawieść
  • invader - najeźdźca
  • step - nadepnąć
  • prickly - kolczasty, ciernisty
  • scream - krzyczeć
  • clansmen - członkowie klanu

Nice story, isn't it?

What's the story behind your town's place name?

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