Saturday, June 29, 2013

How much time are you able to spend in a shop?

Hi! What's your attitude to shopping? Do you like it at all? What do you usually shop for? Are you a conscious shopper? Do you compare prices? Do you like shopping for clothes? Do you like shopping as much as your girlfriend/wife? 

Well, my personal experience with shopping is that I do like certain shops. The other truth is that I don't like spending too much in a shop even if it's the kind of shop I find interesting. From time to time I feel forced to get myself some clothes as well. However, I'm not a fan of clothes shops. I spend there as little time as possible although it's hard sometimes, especially when you have to try things on... I hardly compare prices... I am impressed by those who really spend days shopping around before they find that only one item at the price they'd been looking for... I guess, I'm not patient enough or I just need to have something delivered ASAP :) Finally, I loathe being my wife's assistant when she disappears between racks of blouses, etc.

A few words to do with shops:
  • price - cena
  • small change - drobne
  • expensive - drogi
  • more expensive - droższy
  • too expensive - za drogi
  • cash - gotówka
  • credit card - karta kredytowa
  • cash card - karta płatnicza
  • checkout - kasa
  • cost - kosztować
  • buy - kupować
  • till receipt - paragon
  • money - pieniądze
  • pay in cash - płacić gotówką
  • pay with card - płacić kartą
  • bag - siatka
  • store - sklep
  • cheap - tani
  • change - reszta
  • cheaper - tańszy
  • discount - zniżka
 Now, tell me how much you LOVE shopping :)

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