Saturday, May 25, 2013

Would you like to live the life of a bedouin?

I am not sure if I'd like to try such a lifestyle... But who are Bedouins?

Source: Flickr

Well, they are desert (pustynia) dwelling (zamieszkujący) nomadic tribes (plemiona). For 4,000 years they have survived in the hottest parts of the Middle East (Bliski Wschód). They have to lead camels and goats in search of water and pastures (pastwiska).

Bedouin women wear modest traditional masks and black overdresses. However, young girls wear colorful clothes and silver and gold jewellery. Modern bedouin families own pick-up trucks today which have replaced once used camels. Still, if a family have a camel, it's a symbol of wealth since camels may be sold to camel racers for as much as several thousand dollars.

More on Bedouins, click here.

Would you like to live the life of Bedouins? Why? Why not?

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