Saturday, May 18, 2013

Would you like to live in Luxembourg?

I would... It's a tiny country nestled between France, Belgium and Germany with very small population and a high standard of living because of its success as a financial center. It's the richest EU country...

Source: Flickr
There are only 12 cities in Luxembourg which house 86 per cent of the whole population :)

Four languages are spoken in this country:
  • English (mostly in the world of finance and banking)
  • French (in the world of law and economy)
  • German (in literature and the media)
  • Lutzenburgesch (in everyday life)
So languages could be a bit of a problematic issue. Besides, it's a great country to live in. One of the most tempting reasons to move there is the lowest VAT in the whole EU. The unemployment rate is the lowest in this country too. 

It is said that it's the country of common sense (zdrowy rozsądek).

Would you like to live in Luxembourg? Why? Why not?

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