Monday, May 6, 2013

The other day I was asked how to say BLEF and LEWA...

Hi there! How are you after the looooooong and terribly cloudy, rainy, chilly weekend? It's funny as the weather had been forecast as tropical in Poland with temperatures reaching almost 30 C! Meantime, the weather took all weekend-makers for a nasty ride! :)  

Anyhow... the other day I was asked how to say 'blef' and 'lewa'... We were talking about card games and card tricks... I'd like to share these words with you today ...

BLUFF (blef)
TRICK (lewa) 

My question to you:
Do you play cards? What about bridge? Is this really so hard to learn it?


  1. Bridge is a simple game. You have to learn counting to 13 only. If you know a game called "kierki", you have a handicap. I'm trying to play from 35 years and I know how to count to 9, sometimes:). I was observing International Polish Bridge Championship at long weekend . It was more interesting than grill...
    I'm sending two additional words: 1 (positive for declarer) - overtrick = "nadróbka", 2 (negative for declarer) - undertrick - "lewa wpadkowa".

    1. Bridge is a simple game, huh? I have a feeling it's not for me... Besides, there is no one to play with in town, is there? Also, thanks for those nice words although I have no idea what they mean in the bridge context. I've found this website, when I have time, I will take a look at the rules :)


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