Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My dream destination... the City of Faith.

I have long dreamt of  going to Jerusalem. Last year I was pretty determined to fly there but had to change my plans. Still, I do hope to visit this special city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. I am a Christian so Jerusalem for me is the Holy City indeed as Jesus Christ was there!

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Jerozolima in Polish; the capital city of Israel. It's the most popular city in the Old Testament as it appear over 660 times there.
  • The city of David 2 Sam. 6:12
  • The city of the great king Matt. 5:35
  • The holy city Isa. 48:2; 52:1; Matt. 4:5
  • Salem, which means "peace" Gen. 14:18
  • The city of God Ps. 46:4; 48:1; 87:3
  • The city of the Lord of hosts Ps. 48:8
  • The city of righteousness Isa. 1:26
  • The city of truth Zech. 8:3
  • The city of the Lord Isa. 60:14
  • The perfection of beauty Lam. 2:15
  • The joy of the whole earth Lam. 2:15
  • The Lord our righteousness Jer. 23:6; 33:16
  • The Lord is there Ezek. 48:35
  • Ariel, the hearth of God Isa. 29:1
There are a few national languages in Israel:
  • Hebrew (hebrajski)
  • English
  • Arabic
When it comes to money, the currency used is the New Israel Shekel (NIS). There are 100 agorot in a shekel.

What is your experience of Jerusalem?

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  1. I think this city is full of kinda' power. If you go there you will experience it and bring it to your life. Despite of the fact that the trip to there is very expensive, it is a saint place not only for christians :)


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