Thursday, May 9, 2013

Many Poles spend their holidays in Croatia... Have you been to the island of Korcula?

Hi! Let me take you today to the island of...


... off the Dalmatian coast, off the coast of Croatia. It's a gorgeous island in the Adriatic Sea, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The inhabitants of the island are 97% Croats. Korcula is the second most populous Adriatic island just after Krk.
Korcula, Croatia. Source: Flickr

It's a 46,8 km long island, and its width is 7,8 km on average. Local people have made a living from fishing since prehistoric times. Many families have their own boat and a private jetty (molo). The island's economy hinges on tourism, but also on agriculture (the cultivation of grape vines, olives and fruit), and - as said above - on fishing and fish processing.

Would you recommend it yourself? Have you ever experienced this island?


  1. I had an opportunity to visit this island 5 years ago. In your pic I can even see the pines where I was sitting and sipping Karlovacko - tasty Croatian beer.
    It's really worth seeing so if you are nearby, don't forget to drop in.

    1. Hi Rubella! (an interesting BTW - is it to be connected with 'różyczka', why?)

      Anyway, thank you for your comment. I guess you are lucky to have been to Korcula... and this Karlovacko... sounds cool :) In fact I will be in Croatia this July but since it's a package holiday, I will not be able to leave my band to sip that beer under those pines...

      Tell me more about the island. Are there any other attractions aside from Karlovacko?

      BTW: Please, join this blog's followers, I will join yours! :)

    2. Hi there Rafał!

      as far as your last request is concerned - done! ;)

      When it comes to my nick - yes, I was inspired by this infamous disease - I just like the word's sounding, no underlying message (I mean I don't look like a person suffering from rubella, no red spots etc. ;))

      My stay in Korcula - actually it was a one-day trip; I stayed in Orevic, it's a town nearby, just across the canal? bay? whatever. It's situated at a penninsula whose name I don't remember - in fact I don't even know if I have ever known that... Anyway, 10 minutes by ferry.
      On Korcula there is an interesting old town, from deep Middle Ages as far as I remember, and an interesting tower - you can see it just on the right of your photo. This tower in the middle is a bell tower of an old church. There is something like a marketplace as well. What is especially picturesque is plenty of narrow streets between those old buildings. On the opposite side of what you can see in your pic there is a kind of marina and many luxurious yachts and boats are moored there.
      And there is also a place where Marco Polo is believed to have been born / lived? I don't remember now. There is a museum of Marco Polo, I guess.
      Some ppl compare this island to Dubrovnik because of quite similar buildings and layout and in fact there is something to it - I'd say it's Dubrovnik in miniature.

      Hope to see you on my blog again!

    3. Thank you Rubella. I do appreciate your post here. Hope to write back on your blog in return :) Anyhow, the island sounds like a really interesting place to visit... Not this year though... BTW I have added your blog to my list on the right :)

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