Monday, May 20, 2013

I spent there only a few hours at the airport...

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Hmm... Before I tell you which city it was, here's a bunch of some facts about the place...First, I would like to say it's also a city famous for its canals (a few days ago I was writing about Venice). If you're a football fan you will know the city for it's old football club called Ajax... If you're interested in the Arts, this is the city which gave birth to Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh... If you love beer... then this is the city where Mr Freddy Heineken lived... If you like drugs... this is the city which is full of coffee shops in which you can buy marihuana and cannabis...

Yes, you're right. The city I am talking about now is...


And, just as I said... I was lucky to spend only a few hours at the airport in Amsterdam, that's it. I wish to go to explore the city one day and try living on one of many popular barges. I would love to test the city and see if it is really that cosy, nice and friendly, i.e. 'gezellig'... Since I like museums, I think I could easily fill my time visiting over fifty museums there. Of course, there also other attractions... but should I recommend all?

What's your experience of Amsterdam?


  1. Hi Rafał

    Apart from Korcula, I've been to Amsterdam as well ;)
    Also only a couple of hours (too short unfortunately)

    You mention museums in your post and I was at one of them. It had nothing to do with art, though. I don't know if it's still there (I was in Amsterdam in 2000). We just urgently needed to go to the toilet and in that time toilets were free at museums and entrance to this museum was also free of charge. I don't know why.
    Anyway, we went there. It was Sex Museum. Really breathtaking (s)experience ;)

    I also remeber that I drank very tasty ice coffee in Amsterdam and ate weird-looking chips - very fat, like small cuboids, and with mayo!! In that days it was shock for me to discover that you can eat chips with mayo instead of ketchup.

    If you happen to be in Amsterdam in future, I recommend visiting Sex Museum if it still exists.

    1. Rubella, thanks for your toilet story and your museum of sex experience :) Sounds like your stay in Amsterdam was rather filthy. Are you going to revisit the city?


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