Thursday, May 16, 2013

Did you know there is a city which is sinking?

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Yes, it's true! There is a city, quite popular with tourists, especially lovers, which was built over 300 years ago on the mudbanks (błotniste dno) of a lagoon (zalew) on Italy's northeast coast. It's a floating city where many buildings have got damaged due to contact with water and pollution. The city I'm talking about is called...


It's a city on water with just lots of canals. Quite a different one compared to cities we know... no cars, no buses. if you want to do some sightseeing you either walk or choose a water route and travel on vaporettos (water-buses).

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One of the most visited places in Venice is Ponte delle Tette (Most Cycków; Bridge of the Tits), which has a nice history (read on elsewhere...) If you'd like to try some local wine, I guess, the best one would be Valpolicella (dry red wine). When it comes to food, you should try polenta (a dish made of maize fllour which is first boiled and then fried or baked).

The famous people who are associated with Venice are Marco Polo and Casanova...

Have you been to Venice? Share your story please!


  1. I have been to Venice in 2003 I think... Venice is so amazing. I spent that time with an orchestra I used to play with. I wish I could go there with my husband and son.

    1. Amazing... You've been to a few places... What do you like Venice for? How would you encourage others to go there? Could you produce a sentence or two from a real-visitor-to-the-place's point of view?


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