Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are you good at telling jokes?

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To be honest with you... I have to admit I am not! I have never been in fact! I am a terrible joke teller. Not only don't I remember these jokes but I also can't tell them appropriately and I often just...


The expression means SPALIĆ DOWCIP... This is what I am really good at, and that's why I don't tell jokes often...

Let me give you a few other expressions with the word 'joke':

- psikus: a practical joke
- niesmaczny dowcip: a coarse joke
- rzucić dowcip: to crack a joke
- nieprzyzwoity dowcip: a dirty joke, an obscene joke
- odgrzewany dowcip: an old joke

How about you? Do you have a flair for telling jokes? What jokes do you like best?

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