Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The other day I was asked how to say PRZEGINASZ

The other day I was asked how to say 'przeginasz'... I don't remember exactly in what context I was asked for this word... Anyhow, no doubt it's a very practical and useful word to know... The problem, however, is that there is no single word alternative to 'przeginasz'. These are the expressions we can use to say 'przeginasz' in English...
Source: Flickr.

Don't push it!
You've gone over the top now!
You've overdone it now! 
Dude, you're nasty! 
Ooh! You minger! 

My personal experience:
I usually try to hold my horses, as elder English people would say :) Sometimes, however, it's not so easy, so it's very kind of me to send out this delicate linguistic warning and say "Don't push it!". My interlocutor should then stop for a while and think why I've said it :) Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Then, I have to really try to control myself verbally, which is not always that easy. It's better to cut the conversation and return to it when both minds' condition is better :)

My question to you:
How often do you have to send out the above verbal warning to people? When?

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