Monday, April 15, 2013

similes: Are you a tough person?

I guess our 'modern' culture promotes tough people today. Who is a tough person and why should these be men? Is this because of men's physical disposition? Is this because men have always been associated with fight and their inborn drive to protect women? Probably yes. My question is "How tough are you?" Are you resistant to criticism, do you cope with physical and mental injuries well? Do you easily bear pain? Don't you ever complain or give up on hard tasks? If you have answered 'yes' to all those questions, you might be described


Not a very pleasant comparison as for how much it takes to be described as old boots. :) This simile means being very strong and not easily injured physically or mentally. It may also refer to food and then the meaning is very difficult to chew, very hard; in Polish we also have a similar expression and it is 'twardy jak skała/stal/dąb/diament'. English, for some reason, compares toughness to old boots... Isn't it a bit weird?

A few examples from the Internet:
  • He was as tough as old boots, but as sentimental as anything when telling his tales of growing up in the old East End.
  • I bought a large lamb kebab last night, the lamb was as TOUGH AS OLD BOOTS.
  • That steak I had was as tough as old boots.
  • Off-putting appearance, but he was as tough as 'old boots.
  • He was as tough as old boots both on the field and off, and yet was very dapper with it and showed an early interest in curios, antiques and restoration.
  • Reg is a real fighter by nature, he is as tough as old boots and will not give in...         

Why do you think you're as tough as old boots?

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