Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fish: haddock

The other day I had a conversation about fish...One of the species that I want to share with you today is...


This word refers to a type of edible fish that is found in the North Atlantic and it's the member of the cod family; in Polish this fish is called plamiak, łupacz or wątłusz srebrzysty. This is how you pronounce the word haddock.

Interesting facts about haddock:
  • Haddock feed on small invertebrates (bezkręgowce).
  • Haddock's spawning grounds are in the waters off middle Norway and near southwest Iceland.
  • I wouldn't like to eat haddock to often as it is a species that is plagued by parasites (pasożyty).
  • It is a very popular food fish and it's often sold fresh, smoked, frozen, dried, and even canned.

If you've ever eaten haddock, tell us about its taste, please.

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