Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dzisiaj, na lunch - coś lekkiego... a co tam!

Find nine words to do with MUSIC :)

Good luck!


  1. acoustic, audition, record(deal?), vocal, concert, composer, rehersal, support group, lyrics, cd

    1. Hi anniemal! I haven't heard from you for ages! Thanks for your answers. You have found two words that I hadn't expected here, i.e. support group and CD :)

      You haven't found the following word: fans.

      You are not sure about RECORD DEAL either. I rush to tell you, you're absolutely right about this one!

      And one more thing... I was looking forward to the word VOCALIST.

      The spelling of the word 'przesłuchanie' is REHEASAL :)

      Thanks! How is your English by the way? :)

    2. My English? Hmm, I think it's poor. I feel like my vocabulary is not improving at all( or maybe just a little bit). Any advice?

  2. Yes, of course! I think you just need to be motivated and systematic... and produce your OWN flashcards (coś jak fiszki) but you decide which words you want to learn... So first, prepare a hundred 4cm by 8cm pieces of paper and on one side write your ENGLISH word and on the other your BASIC translation and your OWN sentence with that word.

    Where to take ideas for words from??? Well, you decide! I often think in English and when I can express myself, I IMMEDIATELY take that word down and then do my best to learn it. You can name things in your room first. You can try to name things in your house. You can try to make a list of word connected with your interests and hobbies. You can make flashcards on virtually everything you are interested in.

    Then... Get yourself a big basket in which you keep all your words and EVERY MORNING you just draw (say) THREE WORDS which you read and learn and you spend your WHOLE DAY with these three words... in the toilet, at school, at work, on the bus, while waiting, etc... and each time you look at each word... try to make a new sentence with it...

    Next, at the end of the day put these three words into a different basket, but only when you will have learned them PERFECTLY! If not, the same three words MUST be studied next day...

    This is the most ELEMENTARY system for vocabulary learning. The calculation is very simple. There are seven days in a week, so...

    3 x 7 = 21 words...

    There are four weeks in a month, so...

    21 words x 4 weeks = 84 words

    There are 12 months in a year, so...

    84 words x 12 months = 1008 words...

    There is no better way! Also, if you could find time to read some book in English while learning these words on flashcards, it would be just ideal. You could take words FROM THE BOOK you are reading...

    When the first basket is empty... Get yourself another hundred words and repeat the procedure... When this basket is crammed up, get back to your first basket and review all the words quickly. If there are still some words you don't remember, add them to your second basket.

    Repeat this cycle till the END OF YOUR LIFE and you will have learned THOUSANDS OF WORDS!

  3. Thank you for your exhaustive answer.

    I think making flashcards is the easiest way to learn vocabulary. I make them often while preparing for German writing tests. I hate German ( wrrrr) and making flashcards is the only way to endure it:)

    BTW: You may expect more questions from me in the future:D

    1. German... hmmm... I didn't like it at first, then I remember I liked it a lot and even wanted to learn it, today I just appreciate it for it's English's grandfather :)

      As for your future questions, I would love to hear from you as much as possible :)


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