Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do you often have chinwags with strangers?

Hi there! Today I want to share a nice, slang word with you, which is...

This word refers to a long and pleasant chat between friends; in Polish we could translate it as pogaduchy. And this is how you pronounce the word chinwag.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • This afternoon we had a chinwag with Geordie Shore's...
  • Ash is a top bloke, met him and had a great chinwag...
  • We had a chinwag with Bo Bruce, a finalist on last year's The Voice UK, to find...
  • ...we had a great chinwag over Skype.
  • I had a chinwag with Bill this morning about the new marketing strategy.
  • A great chinwag beforehand covered many topics such as Marvel Superheroes...
  • Bunch of British students turned up and had a chinwag, we got on like a house on fire.
  • The highlight of my Sunday afternoon was a chinwag with...           

Although I consider myself an open person and really don't mind having an occasional chat with somebody I don't know, I am of the opinion that a chinwag is a waste of time. Of course, I do like talking to people but if I were to have a LONG chat, I'd be a bit put off. To me, mincing words with no effect is really a waste of time. Instead, I'd love to talk to someone totally new as it allows me to meet another person and to find more about him/her. If that person is interesting in any way (and I believe everybody is in one way or another), then it's a pleasure to exchange a few words with each other...

My question to you:
What do you think of chinwags?Who do you often have chinwags with? How long does an average chinwag last in your case? :)


  1. Chinwags with strangers are very popular in Australia. Wherever you go, whether it's at the shops, at school or you simply walk around, you will ALWAYS talk to someone random. It really is nice, I had a nice chinwag with a doctor 3 weeks ago who was supposed to take a blood sample from me and we talked for over 40 mins!
    I don;t think it's a waste of time, it's a really nice way to spend time and it can improve your day if you're low :)

    1. I see... SO maybe this is an Australian way of living, isn't it? Or is it just you? Maybe you yourself like chatting with strangers? BTW: What's the news from Down Under? Have you started missing your homeland yet? How are your studies? Any new exciting experiences perhaps? I hope you're enjoying your excellent weather there. Here, we seem to be suffering from never ending winter.

    2. It definitely is an Australian thing, I've never experienced it to such extent anywhere else. I was always a bit anxious when talking to strangers but here it's a must (and a pleasure;) ).
      It's been raining quite heavily for the past few days and we've had flash floods. I am not homesick yet and I am experiencing new little things everyday ;) Easter was especially nice, since the only way of celebration is... eating chocolate bunnies and eggs! I went to a picnic on Sunday and I really enjoyed this way of spending Easter!

    3. Thanks Raszka! It must be a great thing to be experiencing so many new things there. Australia is so far away with its undoubtedly different culture and people. I'm glad you had your Australian experience of rather chocolate Easter time :) TC


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