Friday, April 5, 2013

Are you a philatelist?

This is the word you can easily recognize because it looks and sounds very similar many world's languages...


This word refers to a person who collects stamps; in Polish we have almost the same word and it is filatelista or in case you don't want to sound too scientific just kolekcjoner znaczków pocztowych. And this is how you pronounce the word philatelist.


I used to collect stamps. It used to be a very popular hobby when I was a kid and even a teen. I had a few stamp albums and was eagerly collecting mostly Polish, Russian and East German stamps for these were such times... These were also the days when foreign stamps were in great demand. Whenever I could I exchanged stamps for some very exotic ones, i.e. stamps from Mongolia, the USA, etc. Over time stamp collecting got superseded by more engrossing activities... I am wondering whether there are many passionate philatelists nowadays...

My question to you:
Are/Were you a philatelist? What is it like to be collecting stamps today? 

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