Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you enjoying the clemency of this Monday?

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Monday again... I hope this day is not a hard beginning of your working week... On the contrary, I hope this Monday will be abundant in...


This word may mean kindness especially when we talk about punishing someone. Then, in Polish, we could translate this word as łaska, łaskawość, miłosierdzie. But this word may also be used to refer to pleasant weather; in Polish we would say łagodność (w pogodzie). This is how you pronounce the word clemency.

So, if your wife/husband passes a verdict of guilty, you should always appeal for clemency. :) 

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Georgia pardons board denies plea for clemency.
  • The clemency of today's weather is good for picnic.
  • Newsnight speaks to British grandmother Linda Carty, who is hoping for clemency from the governor of Texas after being sentenced to death by...
  • In many countries it is possible for a prisoner to submit a plea for clemency once they have been convicted.
  • For example, in the UK, who grants clemency?
  • My only hope now is to send another email to the recruiter explaining and beg for clemency!   

Wherever you are... Could you say you're enjoying the clemency of your local weather today?

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