Monday, March 18, 2013

Would you like to spend your holidays in India?

I am not sure... I was once interested in to going to India as I was very curious what it would be like to live there. From my perspective (I'm writing from Poland), India seems to be, and in fact is, an exotic country. Not only is its culture different, but virtually all areas of life are different.

Source: Flickr.
I guess most people would be able to answer the question concerning the basic information on India. So, what is India's capital? Good! Delhi. Which languages are spoken there? Well, mainly English and Hindi plus there are fourteen other languages in use :)

Now... is India a safe country to be? I am not sure about it as there are many attacks on religious grounds there, especially in the state of Gujarat, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh.  Take a look here and here... 
On the positive side, what is very inviting is the cost of living. You don't need more than 15 USD a day to happily live thru the day.

Besides, it's important to be aware that most people in this country follow the Hindu and Buddhist religions. In fact, the country is the birthplace of these religions. Having this in mind, you have to be careful about certain things... First of all, cows are holy to Hindus. They believe that there are some 330 million Hindu gods and goddesses in a cow. 

What shocks me personally is that women in India can marry at a very young age. Parents choose the right person for their girl much earlier. It must be a person from the highest caste.
Sari. Source: Flickr.

Indian curry. Source: Flickr.
Women in India wear very expensive silk saris. Men wear Dhotis... This way of clothing is the part of Vedic culture in India. People wear this dressing to feel comfortable. India is a tropical country so saris and Dhotis allow air to pass through and keep the body cool, which prevents intense sweat.

The most popular Indian dish is probably curry. In fact, it is popular around the world. You have to use spices in a curry:
  • lentils (soczewica)
  • ginger (imbir)
  • coriander (kolendra)
  • Naan bread (płaski chleb drożdżowy z białej mąki)
  • spicy potatoes
What else do you know about India? Have you been to India? How was it? Would you like to go there?

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