Saturday, March 9, 2013

What is it like to live in Scandinavia?

Hi! It's such a great feeling to know it's Saturday at last! However, even today, I have to go and participate in some training. Still, it's some sort of relaxation at the end of the week for me...
Norway fjords. Source: Flickr.

Today I wanted to talk about Scandinavia. What is Scandinavia?

It's a region in northern Europe which includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark and sometimes Finland, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands.

Finnish sauna. Source: Flickr.
Why Scandinavia today? Well, this post is inspired by some news I read somewhere the other day. It said that very few people were interested in free land given away in Sweden. There were five plots and, if I remember correctly, no Swedish citizen went for it, only after some time four Polish families decided to seize that 'opportunity'.

Denmark. Source: Flickr.
The questions are... What land is this that nobody wants it? Are Scandinavian countries worth moving to? Would you like to live there?

On the one hand, I think it would be great to live there although I would worry about two or three things... The first one is employment. Would there be any decent job for me, a person who doesn't speak any of the languages spoken there. Secondly, I am not quite sure how I would find myself out there. I have always had a feeling that Scandinavian countries are sort of alienated and live their own hermetic lives... Thirdly, I am not sure about the weather there. What is so tempting though is the fact that many Scandinavians enjoy a high standard of living. I know that many can afford to buy or rent another house in the mountains or by the sea. They have their lovely 'holiday huts' to which they escape at weekends...

Of course, I am aware that my image of Scandinavian countries is probably distorted as I don't know enough about them, although I went to Boras, Sweden and to Seinajoki, Finland.

My question to you:
What is it like to live in Scandinavia?   


  1. I have been to Sweden and Norway before and I really liked it! Things were pretty pricey, but their salaries are much higher than in Poland. I heard that the weather in southern parts of Sweden isn't bad and it can get pretty hot during summer. The next place I want to visit is Iceland. It is my dream to see the glacier, geysers and volcanoes there! I only saw photos of the Blue Lagoon baths, surrounded by mountains and just in the pictures it was absolutely breathtaking...

    1. Hi Raszka! Yes, high prices are quite a deterrent in Scandinavia... When I was there I had the most expensive stay ever although I can't say it was any better lifestyle than normally...

      I once was teaching a woman who - back then - was getting ready to move to Iceland for good. She was getting ready to work in fish industry. I haven't heard from her since so I think she has probably managed to permanently settle down there.

      Yes, I do share your desire to see so many wonderful places round the globe. It's a pity one can all but dream about such voyages now...

    2. I did a school presentation on Iceland and Poles are the largest ethnic minority on Iceland. Apparently the standard of living is very good, to the point that they don't care about harsh climate;)
      I try to fulfil my dreams and I'm saving up for a trip to Iceland. I use Couchsurfing a lot not to spend money on accomodation and sometimes is also helpful when you need to get somewhere for little money:)
      I try to prove that saying "I can but dream" is wrong and it's all up to you :)

    3. Wow! Didn't know that there are so many Poles in Iceland. I have never even considered living in Iceland as that climate really effectively puts me off. On second thoughts though, is Polish climate much better? Also, thanks for the websites, will check them out :) You are also right to say that "I can but dream" is a wrong attitude... In fact I am a bit surprised I said that as it's really not like to me to give up on things :)


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