Friday, March 15, 2013

What do you think of mountaineering?

Hey! What's your opinion about mountaineering? Is this something you could do yourself? Do you think that people who try climbing once, immediately catch the climbing bug (złapać bakcyla)?
Broad Peak. Source: Kogo

Today I wanted to give a few words connected with mountaineering:
  • rock face - ściana skalna
  • fissure - szczelina
  • ledge - półka
  • anorak - skafander
  • chimney - komin
  • belay - blok skalny, autoasekuracja
  • rope sling - pętla asekuracyjna
  • rope - lina
  • spur - listwa skalna
  • ice slope - ściana lodowa
  • ice axe - czekan
  • snow - goggles - gogle
  • cornice - nawis śnieżny
  • ridge - grań
  • glacier - lodowiec
  • crevasse - szczelina w lodowcu
  • snow bridge - most śnieżny
  • leader - prowadzący
  • second man - drugi na linie
  • third man - trzeci na linie
  • general-purpose piton - uniwersalny hak skalny
  • ice piton - hak lodowy wkręcany
  • drive-in ice piton - hak lodowy wbijany
  • screwgate - zatrzask karabinka
  • snow gaiters - ochraniacze śniegowe
My personal experience:
As I said in one of my previous posts... I am not a mountaineer, not even a hiker. I was in the mountains once in my life. I was in the High Tatras two years ago in a lovely place in Slovakia called Gerlachov. We spent a great week in a rented house just at the foot of Gerlach Peak (Gerlachovsky stit - 2,654.4 m). The views were just out of this world! We went hiking every day and climbed lower mountains in the vicinity. I probably had never walked so much in my whole life. Mountains are beautiful and I do admire those who are professional mountaineers. The High Tatras are beautiful and so powerful! That trip taught me to respect the mountains and made me realize what weak creatures people are.

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