Sunday, March 3, 2013

The other day I was asked how to say STRAPIONY

It's an interesting word. When I heard this question I was a bit perplexed because I couldn't find a direct translation of the word. I replied that I would rather try to use a word that would mean 'strapiony' but wouldn't mean this directly...
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My first thought was 'worried', which seems to be the most adequate translation for me. Anyhow, Słownik języka polskiego (the Polish Language Dictionary) tells us that 'strapiony' means «zmartwiony, przygnębiony; też: świadczący o takim stanie»

Now, in English there are many words which refer to the above mentioned state:

The thing, however, is that each of these words has its own translation...

  • WORRIED: zmartwiony
  • DISTRESSED: udręczony, zmartwiony
  • DEJECTED: przygnębiony
  • CRESTFALLEN: zbity z tropu, osępiały
  • DESOLATE: samotny, niepocieszony, stroskany
  • DISCONSOLATE: niepocieszony, posępny
  • HAGGARD: wymęczony, wynędzniały, patrzący błędnym wzrokiem
The thing is that we can use any of the words above to describe the condition of a 'strapiony' person :) But there is also one other word we can use to refer to 'strapiony', and this is

...which is the word which means 'deeply grieved, sorrowing' so... we might risk saying 'strapiony'... This word, though, is old-fashioned today and not that frequently used. Either way that was a great question to investigate.

When was the last time you felt 'strapiony'?

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