Monday, March 4, 2013

...that Monday morning feeling...

Monday again...  Today I want to share one wonderful idiomatic expression with you. The one I have for today concerns Mondays. Take a look and try to remember it!

  • that Monday morning feeling
What does it mean? Well, this idiom refers to the feeling most of us have when a new week back at work starts... Then we feel sort of sad and gloomy, maybe pressed down a bit.
Source: Flickr.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • The reason being that I had that Monday Morning feeling and was heading outside of Sydney city centre to get to...
  • Ever had that Monday morning feeling that can extend even to Wednesday...?
  • Since going fully freelance, I have never had that 'Monday Morning' feeling'...
  • Wishing you all a wonderful day even though it is that Monday morning feeling of "oh no its work again for the week".
  • The problem many people face is that “Monday morning feeling”. I get it too.   
My question to you: 
    Do you ever face that Monday morning feeling? Any advice not to experience it next Monday?                    


    1. Monday means that the weekend is coming :) There are only 4 days left :) In my opinion Sunday is the worst day of the week. All Sunday I think about Monday... Going back to work, no time for anything etc. But on Monday I'm busy so I have no time to think of this terrible day :) I just wait for the weekend (unfortunately I start every weekend on Saturday at 4 p.m. because on Saturday I also have to work :( )

      1. I have never thought about Mondays this way... Well, it's really reassuring to look at Monday as the day which brings us closer to another weekend. Still, I am more inclined to think that Monday is the first day of another working week and it's an uphill trek; I reach the peak on Wednesday, and descent on Thu and Fri until I get to the weekend camp, which is not always so pleasant either... for most of my weekends are unfortunately busy... Heh...


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