Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rozmowa wstępna z jęz. angielskiego... Przykłady pytań i odpowiedzi.

Dzisiaj nabazgrzę coś po naszemu :) Dużymi krokami zbliżają się egzaminy maturalne, w tym z angielskiego, więc warto - jeśli ktoś tego jeszcze nie uczynił - wziąć się ostro do roboty i zacząć analizować krok po kroku egzamin pisemny i ustny.
Source: Pearson.

Dzisiaj - i w kolejnych kilku postach - będę podawał przykłądy pytań na tzw. 'rozmowie wstępnej', jakich możecie się spodziewać na maturze ustnej z języka angielskiego. Jak pamiętacie, na tę część egzaminu przeznacza się około dwóch minut.

Myślę, że warto sobie zerknąć na przykłady pytań i odpowiedzi, a nuż trafi się Wam coś podobnego? :)

  • What kind of films do you like? Why?
  • There are many films I like. For sure, I like feature films (filmy długometrażowe). I have watched a few independent films (film niskobudżetowy) and they were also quite good. I don't mind watching a good documentary (film dokumentalny). In fact, a lot depends on who the film director (reżyser) is. Why do I like these films? It's hard to give just one reason. I think that I like films for their plots, characters, special effects and acting. 
  • Do you often go to the theatre? Why? Why not?
  • No, I don't often go to the theatre. Why? Well, there are three main reasons which contribute (przyczyniają się) to my not being a theatre-goer (miłośnik teatru). The first one is the distance; the nearest theatre is 120km away from where I live. The second thing is lack of time; and the third is the price of tickets.
  • What book have you read recently? Can you tell me about it?
  • Lately, I have read the book entitled "Proof of Heaven". It's a very interesting book on how a once skeptical (sceptyczny) neurosurgeon (neurochirurg) experienced his own near-death experience (doświadczenie śmierci). Alexander's recovery (powrót do zdrowia) seems to be a miracle (cud). It's a really great book and I do recommend reading it.
  • Why is reading books not popular with young people?
  • I guess, young people prefer using the Internet these days. Reading books is time consuming and books themselves are not that cheap. Many people would ask the question "Why should I spend days with my nose in the book if I can quickly get familiarized with what that book is about on the Net?" To my mind, accessibility (dostępność) of the Internet is the main reason why young people don't read books.
  • What kind of music do you enjoy the most? Why?
  • It's a tough question. I don't have any particular kind of music I like the most. There are different kinds that appeal to me but I can't say this or that one is my favorite. I don't mind listening to classical music, old classic rock hits, reggae, ethnic and even folk. Why? Well, I like different pieces for different things... sometimes it's the beat, sometimes it's the lyrics, and sometimes both.  
  • Have you ever been to the opera? Why? Why not?
  • Unfortunately, I haven't been to the opera yet. Whenever I am given an opportunity to go to the theatre or to the opera, I generally choose the theatre. Perhaps, this is why I haven't tried the opera yet. However, I hope that one day I'll just choose the opera to experience it live (na żywo).
  • What do you think about modern paintings?
  • I am not into (nie interesuję się) paintings, to be honest. What is more, I don't understand modern paintings. I often wonder (zastanawiam się) what people see in - what seems to me - an offhand (od niechcenia) drawing of something that doesn't look too complicated... I often feel I could do equally (równie) well when I see many modern paintings. Old paintings seem to talk to me more.
  • Why has graffiti become so popular?
  • The reason for the popularity of graffiti is in its message. It's a form of art that allows self-expression. Besides, many people believe that the forbidden (zakazany) fruit tastes the sweetest... Creating, but also viewing graffiti may give you a euphoric adrenaline rush (euforyczny przypływ adrenaliny), which is what you usually won't experience in an art gallery. 
  • Would you like to be a member of a music band? Why? Why not?
  • Sure, I would. I can play the guitar so it would be wonderful to feel part of a band. When you're in a band, you can do more with others than on your own. Besides, you have a sense of belonging and this, in turn, triggers (wyzwala) your motivation and desire (pragnienie) to play for others.
  • How important is television in your life? Why?
  • I am afraid I will give you a very original answer. Television is not important for me at all. I have got rid of (pozbyć się) my TV set and since then I have felt freer! I don't waste so much time being glued (przylepiony) to the screen and being fed (karmiony) with depressing news. Now, I enjoy doing other things much more and, I may say, my life has generally gained on its quality (zyskało na jakości).
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