Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Matura ustna - Zadanie 3: kultura

Za chwilę wracamy do szkoły... więc dzisiaj, z myślą o maturzystach, temat związany ze szkołą :) Zapraszam do przestudiowania przykładu odpowiedzi do Zadania 3 matury ustnej z języka angielskiego.

Czas: 5 minut
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Egzaminator: Read the task and think about what you'd like to say. You have about a minute to prepare.

[Po upływie około minuty, jeśli będzie taka potrzeba, egzaminator wbija się z tekstem następującym...]

Egzaminator: Can you start now?

[Teraz masz około dwóch minut, żeby uporać się z dwoma zadankami. Po pierwsze wybierasz jakiś obrazek z zestawu i uzasadniasz swój wybór. Po drugie wyjaśniasz dlaczego odrzucasz pozostałe obrazki.]

Zdający: My class have prepared a theatrical play and we're going to perform it to a wider audience. Hmmm... So I have been offered two types of halls. As I see, one of these halls is more professional than the other. Since I am a down-to-earth person, I think that the the room that could potentially and realistically affordable in our case is shown in the first picture. Besides, I don't think our performance could be so spectacular as to require such a professional hall. I believe the first picture is just appropriate for such an event. The room is perfectly adapted to put on our play. The number of chairs is probably adequate to the number guests. I'd definitely choose the first picture for its two major assets... It is cost-effective and it's convenient. The second picture, on the other hand, is too expensive, too posh and staging a play in such a room means performing a professional play, not a play prepared by amateur mates from school.

[Teraz przeczhodzimy do drugiej części tego egzaminu, w której egzaminator zadaje ci dwa pytania. Na tę część zadania masz około dwóch minut.]

Egzaminator: Thank you. I will now ask you two questions.

1. Which do you prefer, the theatre or the cinema? Why?
I think bot forms of entertainment are excellent. It just depends what you feel like doing on a particular day. Sometimes you want to watch a good movie and sometimes you need to experience this wonderful atmosphere of a theatre. Personally, I believe that watching a play in a theatre is much more exciting. You can admire the actors, how they play, you feel part of the whole performance as there is this amazing relationship between the audience and the actors. It's always a very unique experience. When you see a live performance it is much more valuable than just watching a film on screen. You feel this special sort of magnetism that each theatre offers. Besides live music is always a bonus, isn't it?

2. Why do you think people choose to become actors?
I think people become actors because they feel they could offer their skills and talents to other people. Many people feel that they are good at remembering scripts, they have some unique voices or feature of appearance that they can use in giving themselves to others. I think many people decide to become actor to become famous and to make money... if they're successful.   

Egzaminator: Thank you. This is the end of the exam.

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