Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do you have the powers of persuasion or...?


Hi there! I have a great idiom for you today! 

There are so many different people around us. It's so amazing! However, some of us become leaders and some not. Some of us have the powers of persuasion (siłę przekonywania) and can easily talk others into (przekonać) doing things which are not always right. On the other hand, there are people whose ideas always


What does this idiom mean? Well, first of all it's an informal idiom and may be used to talk about something that is very unsuccessful or something that is not accepted by others. In Polish we would translate it as "okazać się niewypałem", "zawieść", "nie zostać przyjętym".

I really like this idiom as it is so logical and once you imagine a lead (ołowiany) balloon, you immediately understand the idea it conveys. Balloons usually go up in the air since they are light whereas a lead balloon will always go down as it's heavy... 

A few examples from the Internet:
  • My joke about the alcoholic went down like a lead balloon.
  • That sort of joke never makes people laugh and on this occasion it went down like a lead balloon.
  • What I've been pondering is what on earth can I say in Brighton that is not going to go down like a lead balloon.
  • If something goes down like a lead balloon, it fails or is extremely badly received.
  • Big Australia vision goes down like a lead balloon.     
My question to you:
How to be more persuasive? Do you use any specific techniques? Is it true that women are more likely to have the powers of persuasion than men and their ideas hardly ever go down like a lead balloon?   

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