Friday, March 22, 2013

Birds: magpie

Hi! Today, for a reason hardly known to me, I want to write something about a certain bird. It's a...


This word refers to a long-tailed black-and-white bird that has a chattering call and is known for its mischievous habits :) In Polish we call the bird sroka. This is how you pronounce the word magpie.

What is also interesting is that we can use this word to refer to a person who is talkative (gaduła).

A few interesting facts about magpies:
  • Magpies live between 8 and 15 years!
  • They lay from 5 to 8 eggs.
  • This bird can be found all across Europe, in Asia and the north-western part of Africa.
  • Half of a magpie's size (i.e. 25cm) is its tail.
  • It's one of very few birds which recognizes itself in a mirror!
  • This is wonderful that common magpies have just one partner throughout their entire lives!
  • The bird is known for collecting shiny objects, that's why we often think of magpies as 'thieves' :)
  • Male magpies have longer tails :)         

My question to you:
Is there anything else you can say about magpies? Are you a magpie?


  1. I have magpies in Australia and they look a bit different to polish ones. They are mostly black and white, sometimes with brown patches. And they are pretty big as well!


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