Monday, February 11, 2013

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Australia'?

I guess we usually tend to think of the following:

  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Sydney and its Opera House
  • kangaroos
  • koala bears and
  • bush fires
These are my associations... Australia seems a different world to me... It's so far away from Poland and thus we have so little knowledge of Down Under (the nickname often used to refer to Australia and New Zealand).

Anyhow, I wanted to write a few things about Australia as I got inspired by Raszka, who is this blog's follower and who is currently in Australia :)

Australia is in many ways similar to other countries in the world... After all we all live in one big village, but on the other hand it is so unique and one of a kind that makes it unequaled.

Most Australians live in big cities like Sydney and this is the city that many people consider Australian's capital, while it's Canberra. Still Sydney is the largest city of all. Also, few people realize that Australia's monarch is Queen Elizabeth II! Besides, if you asked many Poles on whether or not Australia's population is bigger than Poland's, many would probably say Australia's...  Nothing more erroneous! Australia's population is over 22 million while Poland's is over 38 million!

I forgot to write that Aboriginal people were the first to settle in Australia... When? Over 40,000 years ago! Why are Aborigines so interesting? They have strong artistic traditions and therefore their art is popular around the world.

The official language in Australia is English. Why? Well... British settlers first came to Australia some 200 years ago and brought English with them :) It doesn't mean that Australia is homogenous though... In the last 50 years many people have come into Australia from other parts of the world, especially from Europe and Asia. Italians, for this matter, came to Australia after WWII. Australia is also quite poplar with people from New Zealand, China, Vietnam, India, the Philippines and Greece. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Poland comes 19th on the list of countries whose citizens had decided to immigrate to Australia.

My question to you:
Have you been to Australia? What is your experience of the country? Why would you recommend living there?



  1. Oh, there is so much to write about Australia! :)
    Beautiful beaches, amazing people, great atmosphere and surprising things to discover every day! The pace of living is much, much slower than in Poland, so you feel relaxed, it isn't stressful or pressuring. Generally I love everything about Australia!
    Yesterday at night I had my first battle with a deadly spider - I won this time ;)

    1. Raszka... when did you fall in love with Australia? Had it been long before you decided to fly there or was it the moment you touched that aboriginal land and started your new chapter down there?

      Thanks for the spider story :) Wait to look into the eyes of a crocodile :)

    2. Oh, it all began a few years ago, when I was in secondary school and we had a few lessons about Australia, its culture, so I started to get really interested in it, I read magazines about it, watch documentaries and so on. It became my dream to one day visit Australia and I managed to actually start a new chapter of my life here! :) It wasn't easy, but effort that I put into achieving my goal was definitely worth it :)
      I heard crocs aren't that bad, it's less likely you will come across one ;)

    3. Thanks a lot. It's a true love story then :) Let's wait and see what the fruits of this love will be :) How are you managing your studies? Any language probs? Where are you living at the moment? Is it a dorm or are you renting something?

    4. I love it here and I don't really have problems with anything. Australian accent is the best in my opinion, Australian slang is really funny and I have already picked up a few things myself! I live on a campus, so it's close to everything I need. It couldn't be better ;)

    5. It's so uplifting to hear all those positive things... I am glad you like it there. Please let us know of all your experiences in that far away land... :)

  2. When I hear Australia-I think my best friend.Almost two years ago, she moved to Australia.Before she left,out of curiosity,I read a lot about the culture,habits which are there,etc.
    She was lucky enough to be married to someone who had Australian citizenship.
    Also important was the knowledge of English.
    It's very easy to move to European countries,but Australia is not.

    Now,after nearly two years,she claims that it was a good decision. The beginnings were difficult,but now the level at which they live is incomparable to the Polish.There is sufficient that the work has one person in the family and are able to survive on a good,worthy level.
    Australia is a country where live the best and easier.And the truth is that the Polish there is nothing to compare...

    For visitors at the beginning of the very strange thing is that,on the streets of the suburbs is void.
    Amazing is that,in Australia for one kilometre are almost three people,where in Poland for one kilometre is 123 people...A great difference.

    Many people are dreaming of a holiday in Australia.Unfortunately, for many the trip cannot be reached because of the cost.
    I used to think about vacationing in Australia now,I can go there without a problem.
    I think that for some time there for sure to go and get some of the best holiday in my life :)
    What regrets my friend,her entire family in Poland and I,is that the distance between Poland and Australia is so vast.By then she knows that in Poland the life will be just a few times :(

    However,there is nothing to complain about,but enjoy the opportunities offered by life in Australia:)

    1. Thanks cobber! This is another nice text from you! I do appreciate it. Indeed, Australia is a great place to live... I have already heard it many a time. I wish I could go and live there one day. Well... who knows... perhaps one day :) When you are ready to go, please let me know :) What would you do there? Would you be able to do your job there?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Trip to Australia will be only holiday-nothing associated with the work:)
      If Raszka it is still in Australia? If there was somewhere to post about her?


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