Tuesday, February 5, 2013

similes: Have you ever experienced anything dull?

How many a time have you participated in something that almost bored you to death? I guess each of us has found themselves in such a situation...

Now think of where and when you were dying of boredom last time and answer to yourself the question whether or not whatever you experienced then was really...


In Polish we often use the phrase NUDNY JAK FLAKI Z OLEJEM (literal translation is: as boring as tripe with oil)...

The first question is... What is boredom? Is it what you experience when there's no excitement and you're not stimulated? Does it refer to a state of passiveness and inactivity? Or perhaps it is lack of interest in something? Or maybe it's lack of fun? What is fun then? Well, this is an even more challenging question to answer as everybody find fun in different things... Fun is very subjective, isn't it?

I'd like you to consider making friends with Jesus Christ... as He gives you the excitement that is more than whatever you can experience in this world... Of course, there are many people who would say that being a Christian means no fun at all as you have to give up all the 'pleasures' of this world... What is more, when you truly believe in Jesus, you will see that these 'pleasures' are no pleasures at all and in the long run they bring nothing but depression and damage to all spheres of your life... Jesus will give you “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”(Romans 14:17). Give yourself to Jesus and you will become a child of light in this dark world... and you'll never be bored again :) because to growing, committed Christians life is never boring! Why not? As there is always more work to be done as regards faith, there's another relationship to build and another person to serve! How can this be boring? Jesus also said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (john 10:10)... Why not test this yourselves?

Any comments?

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