Monday, February 25, 2013

Matura ustna - Zadanie 3: nauka i technika

Hello! Dzisiaj zapraszam na kolejny zestaw maturalny. Tym razem z obszaru tematycznego NAUKA I TECHNIKA.

Czas: 5 minut
OUP Photocopiable

Egzaminator: Read the task and think about what you'd like to say. You have about a minute to prepare.

[Po upływie około minuty, jeśli będzie taka potrzeba, egzaminator wbija się z tekstem następującym...]

Egzaminator: Can you start now?

[Teraz masz około dwóch minut, żeby uporać się z dwoma zadankami. Po pierwsze wybierasz jakiś obrazek z zestawu i uzasadniasz swój wybór. Po drugie wyjaśniasz dlaczego odrzucasz pozostałe obrazki.]

Zdający: I see I have to manage (musze się zająć) a very challenging (ambitnym) task. I have to prepare a presentation on using new technologies by a young generation

Having analyzed (po analizie) all the pictures, I have come to a conclusion that the first picture should be the most appropriate (właściwy) for such a presentation. Perhaps it's not the best picture I have ever seen, but it's main advantage (zaleta) is the message it tries to get across (przekazać). What I mean here is that the picture suggests that the old-fashioned (staromodny) way of studying from paper books can be transformed into e-learning by using state-of-the-art (nowoczesny) devices (urządzenia) such as laptops with more and more exciting educational software (oprogramowanie edukacyjne). The picture has all I'd need to convey (przekazać) this message. 

In the case of two other pictures, as I see it, they're too general and, in fact, not really that relevant to my task. For instance, the second picture shows a rather private situation in which a girl is using her mobile. I don't think she is using the phone for learning purposes (cele naukowe). Theoretically, the third picture could be acceptable but it misses out on something (czegoś mu brakuje) too. I can't see the link (związek) between traditional and modern learning. Besides, the picture isn't so encouraging (zachęcający), either.             

[Teraz przeczhodzimy do drugiej części tego egzaminu, w której egzaminator zadaje ci dwa pytania. Na tę część zadania masz około dwóch minut.]

Egzaminator: Thank you. I will now ask you two questions.

1. How are technological devices used at school?
I am afraid Polish schools can't offer much in this respect. There aren't so many technological devices that are used by students for learning. I guess the most popular devices are still computers which are used mostly in IT classes. They are not used at all in other subjects like in other countries, e.g. England. 

2. How is technology used at home?
Technology at home is more popular. These days we have quite a rich offer of all sorts of devices that are supposed to help and entertain us at home. On the one hand, we use these devices to save our time and to make our housework easier, e.g. washing machines, fridges, computerized heating systems. On the other hand, we also use these devices to relax and learn, e.g. computers, laptops, cameras, iPads, etc.    

Egzaminator: Thank you. This is the end of the exam.

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