Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Is falling off a log as easy as ABC?

Aloha! How are you doing today? It's the first Monday after our beautiful winter holiday in our Mazovian Province... How did you spend your holidays? Did you go away or did you stay in? I spent most of this time at home and... working... Anyhow... let's talk about how to say that something is very easy in English... 

There are a few easy-to-remember ways of saying something is really easy... Take a look:

  • as easy as pie
  • as easy as ABC
  • as easy as anything
  • as easy as falling off a log

All of these in Polish refer to our expressions 'bardzo łatwy, prosty'. If we wanted to translate each of these literally, the first one would go 'łatwy jak (zrobienie) placka', the second would literally mean 'łatwy jak alfabet', the third, 'łatwy jak cokolwiek innego', and the last would read as 'łatwe jak spadnięcie z kłody'. It's interesting how creative English people are. On the other hand it's sad we don't have an equally colorful simile to say that something is extremely easy. Well, we do say 'proste jak drut' but then in English they would say 'as clear as crystal'

Anyway, if I wanted to choose my favorite expression for 'very easy', I think I'd go for as easy as falling of a log... It's a bit lengthy, but on the other hand it's most logical for me as falling off a log is really easy :) It is obviously easier than making a pie (especially for me), and easier that ABC (especially when you come to think of the North Korean ABC). I don't particularly like the 'as easy as anything' simile because 'anything' is definitely not easy for me...

My question to you:
Which of these expressions is your favorite? Why?   

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