Saturday, February 23, 2013

Are you a soup gourmand?

I think I am... I like different soups and there are so many of them... Unfortunately, as I have already said, I neither have the skill nor time to experiment with soups...
Here, I have a few soups for you today:
  • consomme (oczyszczony rosół/bulion)
  • cock-a-leekie (szkocka zupa z pora i kurczaka)
  • broth (rosół)
  • chowder (zupa rybna z owocami morza)

This is how you say these words: consomme, cock-a-leekie, broth, chowder.


My personal experience:
Soups are great! They stimulate our senses, help us slow down and curb our appetites! Besides, soups can be healthy is you know how to make them. What's more, soups aren't expensive to prepare and add protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber to our diets. Soups are great when you have them in fall and winter because they are comforting and filling... Why? A bowl of soup is hot and savory and thus it's the best weapon against chill out. I love broth the most. 

What's your favorite soup? Do you know any quick to make soup recipes to share here? 


  1. Of course, the soup number 4! You have to know, that a cream and shrimps (or prawns)must be added 3 minutes before serving. Pycha:)

    1. Cool. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I hardly ever make soup at home... Anyhow, your advice seems logical as shrimps would probably simply disappear if they were to be boiled longer... BTW, Since you're a kitchen expert: What do you think of prawns from Biedronka? Is your opinion the same as the one you expressed on cheese? :)

  2. What the hell! Shrimps, which are from a market( yesss, you know-industrial), MUST be not boiled! It's a first rule. These gray, are good! BTW, I bought "przegrzebki" today, first time! I will try to prepare its tomorrow.Bon appetit, Rafal:)

    1. Do you mean 'scallops'? How are you going to make them? Any specific recipe?


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