Friday, February 22, 2013

Are you a cheese expert?

I am not... although I tried some of English cheeses when I was there... There was a time when I often ate blue cheeses (sery pleśniowe). People have different opinions on blue cheeses... Some say they're too rich and thus unhealthy, and some say that they're rich in vitamins and minerals thus healthy... I guess the answer is moderation... If you don't eat it too often, then it may enrich your diet.

Anyhow, these are some of cheese names I wanted to share with you today:

  • gouda
  • stilton
  • camembert
  • parmesan
Do you like cheese? What about blue cheese? How do you like having it? Is cheese healthy or unhealthy? 


  1. I can say that I'm expert. Some years ago I made cheese at home. Several types, for a test. But not blue. From this time I eat cheese very rarely. "Industrial" cheese from supermarket is not real cheese. It is some blend of milk, palm oil, colour and chemical flavour. It's not easy to buy good cheese in Poland.

    1. Wow! Impressive! You're an expert indeed. I like the way you call cheese sold in supermarkets... 'industrial' is a nice name for it... Do you know any special place where you can buy REAL cheese then?

  2. Unfortunately - no... My buddy makes cheese (similar to oscypek) but not for sell. I will try to remember to ask him for a small sample...

    1. Wow. Would be cool :) Why don't you produce cheese yourself now?

  3. I was fired from my job. I had a free time to produce a cheese. No enough free time now. Cheese required a time...


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