Sunday, January 20, 2013

Would you like to be an expatriate?

We talked about vagrants the other day... and today we'll talk about another sort of person... I wanted to focus on a person who has a place to live, but it's a place in a foreign country. Who am I talking about here?


Who is an expatriate? Well, it's just an exile or, in other words, a person who lives in another country. Some people become expats because they have to, other because they want to.  

These are the four ways you can become an expat:

Once you do become an expat... you have to learn how to live in another country, You need to learn its language, culture, etc. Hence, if your employer makes you become an expat, they usually want to make up for this  by offering you all sorts of benefits. Here's a page that will enlighten you on this...


My question to you:
Would you like to be an expat? Which of the four ways would you choose for yourself? Why?


  1. I would like to be an expat but for a short time.
    I would like to work at foreign company, get to know interesting people, travel the world....

    1. What is a 'short time' for you? Is it a year? a month? So you'd like to work for a foreign company... cool! I know people who work in Poland as expats. I am afraid they would like to be back at home. It's hard for expats to live and work in a foreign country when that country is 'worse' than theirs. Which country would you like to go to?

  2. For example I would like to go to England. I think that a foreign country is always "worse " than my country, my place. But in my opinion it is a good idea to work sometimes with other people. I would like to know their language, mentality.... "Short time " for me ..yhm..a few month...

    1. I see... Well, England is very popular among Polish people. After a while you'd get used to living there. I know people who have already spent quite a few years in the UK and have no intention of coming back... So, one could draw a conclusion that it's not necessarily worse out there once you get familiar with that country's culture, life, etc. I wanted to settle down in the UK some time ago, but since Poland wasn't an EU member then, it was really hard to stay there.


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