Saturday, January 19, 2013

Would you ever like to try the life of a vagrant?

The word I would like to discuss today is...


First, a vagrant a person who has no home or job and who lives by going from place to place, begging or stealing... Listen to the pronunciation of the word vagrant.
I often think of what it would feel like to be a vagrant... I see those guys in different places and I am full of respect to them as I know that the situation they're in is the result of having got muddled up in life. On the one hand, their life is obviously hard and difficult but, on the other hand, they are free from possessions and some of them are happier than many a rich person...

I hold Ted Williams in particularly high regard. Do you remember the guy who gained widespread media attention when people heard his golden voice on You Tube in January 2011? He was on the news in Poland too. Ted is a voice-over artist today. What a story!

This is Ted's website: Take a look and find more info about this former vagrant. Also listen to an interview with Ted here.

Here's the famous vid:

My question to you:
What do you think of vagrants? Would you ever like to try the life of a vagrant?

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