Friday, January 18, 2013

similes: Have you ever got really drenched?

I have... I remember that when I was a teenager my brother and I were coming back from our granny's and a really violent storm set in... Since we weren't very far away from our destination, we decided to start running. It was raining cats and dogs so after a minute each of was


This means we were very soaking wet and utterly bedraggled... Honestly, not a nice condition to be in...; in Polish we would say we were 'przemoczeni do suchej nitki'. In fact, the English simile makes more sense to me and it's easier to imagine a rat that is wet throughout than 'sucha nitka'...  However, it must be said that this simile is not particularly popular in English. Of course, it does exist, but people tend to say soaking wet or wet throughout instead of this rather longish expression...

My question to you:
When were you as wet as a drowned rat?

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