Thursday, January 24, 2013

Phobias & manias: kleptomania

Hark! This is another word for today...


This word refers to a mental disorder characterized by compulsive and uncontrollable stealing; in Polish we have exactly the same word (well, the pronunciation is a bit different) and it is kleptomania. And this is how you pronounce the word kleptomania.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • A person who suffers from kleptomania generally will feel an urge or tension to steal a vast category of items ranging from paper clips to laptops....
  • Although there's no cure for kleptomania, treatment with medication or psychotherapy may be able to help end the cycle of compulsive stealing...
  • Do you know someone who suffers from kleptomania?
  • Kleptomania disorder is very difficult to treat, and no complete cure for kleptomania has been found.
Take a watch of this nice vid here:

My question to you:
Do you ever have an unruly urge to steal something? Do you know anyone suffering from kleptomania?

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