Thursday, January 31, 2013

Herbs: tarragon

Hiyah! I've got another herb today... In English, it's called...


In Polish we call it ESTRAGON. This is how you pronounce the word tarragon.

And here again... I need to admit I have no knowledge at all of this herb. I am sure there are many people coming to this blog who know much more about this herb. What are its health benefits? How do you use it? How do you buy it? How does it taste? Could you please share some of your experience with tarragon?

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Tarragon is out of season in Britain at the moment so we're...
  • Tarragon is a member of the daisy family, although it rarely flowers in Britain.
  • The magazine said that tarragon is grown in the UK but the British season does not kick off until April which leaves retailers and suppliers...
  • Tarragon is not a particularly attractive plant...
  • French tarragon is considered to be the best...
  • Tarragon is no stranger to our kitchens, but seems unfairly confined to...        

My question to you:
How could I use tarragon and what for? What super qualities does it have we should all know of?


  1. Ooo, I haven't tried this herb in my cooking yet! I will definitely have to change it, because to be honest, I have no idea what it tastes like!

    1. Hi Raszka! How's life? :) So you cook... Wow! Please tell me when you have actually used this :)

    2. Life is crazy! I moved to Australia!:) I've been here for over 2 weeks now and I'm discovering new flavours and cuisines. I have to cook since I'm living on my own now ;) Buying tarragon is on my shopping list, so when I manage to cook something that will include using it, I will definitely let you know. :)

    3. Wow! Really impressive... So where are you living in Australia? What's the weather like down there now?

    4. I currently live near Sydney and it's around 29C here. The summer is coming to an end and it's getting cooler (so people say), but I still think that it's pretty warm! It's sunny all the time as well :) Such a nice change from the snowy and frosty winter I left behind in Poland ;)

    5. Great! What are you doing in Australia? Are you on hols or did you decide to move there permanently? How do you find living there?

    6. I came here to study and at the same time fulfil my biggest dream - living in Australia :) For now my visa is valid for 2 years and then we'll see, maybe I'll stay, maybe I'll go somewhere else. Living here is fascinating! It's so pretty, so green, so spacious! Nothing like I've seen before. People are extremely friendly and helpful, weather is nice, so there really isn't anything that I could complain about :)

    7. Ace! What are you studying there? I see you have been too short to have noticed any drawbacks of this decision, but I hope you will have a great time out there anyway. Hope you won't get slack because of all these favorable conditions Wagging school and hitting the turps can be tempting then :) Have you had a Four X yet? How does it taste? BTW I have posted on Australia. Please take a look.

    8. It's called Environmental Monitoring and Technology, I'm not sure what polish equivalent of that would be though... So far I really like it!
      I haven't had a Four X yet, since it's Queensland beer, from a different state (I live in NSW) and people say it's terrible just because it's from Queensland ;) The same about VB from Victoria. You might say that there is some kind of a competition between states and whatever comes for a different state than yours is automatically bad and not worth trying.
      Going to read your new post now!

    9. Sounds cool. So you're into environmental issues... Nice! Are these full-time studies? Is this expensive to study down there?

    10. Yes, full-time and higher/tertiary education is payable to everyone, including Australians, but there are numerous scholarships which make things easier:)

    11. Thanks Raszka... Should you like to share some practical info on Australia whenever there is any connection between my new post and your life out there, people who come here would be grateful :)

      Have you used tarragon yet? :)

    12. I definitely will! I keep an eye on your blog ;)
      And no, I haven't used it yet, but when I do, I will definitely let you know.

    13. Thanks. Hope you'll keep the promise!


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