Monday, January 21, 2013

Do you often act as an adjudicator?

The word for today is


It's a person who is appointed to preside, arbitrate or act as a judge in a dispute. In Polish we would use the words such as sędzia, arbiter, or osoba rozstrzygająca spór. Here you can hear how the word is adjudicator.

Here are a few examples form the Net:
  • She commented on the use of standard letters and paragraphs when she was an adjudicator.
  • From 1993 until 2010, Jacqueline was an adjudicator-Member of Solo Singing for The British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and...
  • There was an adjudicator watching us.
  • He frequently was an adjudicator at Eisteddfods and an examiner for the...
  • Mr. Pickering was an adjudicator in England for the International Trombone Festival finals.
  • He was an adjudicator on the panel of judges for the HSBC International...     
As you see from the sentences above, an adjudicator does not necessarily refer to a legal person. It may be a non-legal person who acts as a sort of judge or arbitrator. Sometimes when your kids fight you also have to become an adjudicator, don't you? A kid sometimes is a great adjudicator when parents have a squabble :)

My question to you:
Do you often have to act as an adjudicator?

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