Friday, January 4, 2013

compounds: river estuary

Let's talk about compounds... What are compound nouns in English? These are nouns which are composed of two or more words, just like this one


It's a place where the river current meets the sea tide and in Polish we call it 'ujście rzeki'. This is a picture showing the Vistula estuary in Poland:

These are the top ten facts on estuaries (the source):

  1. An estuary is a body of water partly surrounded by land where fresh water (woda słodka) from rivers and streams (strumienie) runs into and mixes with salt water from the ocean. Estuary is another name for bay (zatoka), sound, inlet, harbor, lagoon – what's important is the mixing of fresh and salt water.
  2. Estuaries are among the most productive natural systems on earth due to the mixing of nutrients (substancje odżywcze) from land and sea, producing more food per acre than the richest Midwestern farmland.
  3. There are 102 estuaries in the U.S according to the EPA. Of these, 28 have been designated by their states and the federal government to be of national importance.
  4. Our coastal regions today are the home for 110 million people – a number that is expected to increase to 127 million by the year 2010.
  5. People love estuaries for their beauty and for fishing, swimming, boating, diving, wildlife viewing, hunting, learning, and working. In 1993, over 180 million Americans visited estuaries – about 70 percent of the entire U.S. population.
  6. Estuaries have many different types of habitats, vital to many important species of plants, fish, and other wildlife. Habitat – one could also say "home" – includes shellfish (mięczaki) beds, sea grass (trawa morska) meadows, salt and fresh marshes (tereny podmokłe), forested wetlands (mokradła), beaches, river deltas, and rocky shores.
  7. Estuaries and coastal waters provide essential habitat for over 75 percent of the commercial fish catch and 80-90% of the recreational catch of fish.
  8. Fishing, tourism and recreational boating – which depend on healthy and productive estuaries – provide more than 28 million jobs for our nation. Commercial and sport fishing alone contribute $111 billion yearly to the nation's economy.
  9. There's a lot we don't know yet about estuaries, like exactly how many acres of estuary habitats have been and continue to be destroyed. We do know that the level of habitat loss in some of our nation's most important estuaries is approaching 80 to 95 percent.
  10. We can save estuaries and their habitats! Join us in working to help turn the tide through a national commitment to restoring one million acres of estuary habitat by 2010 and bringing one of our nation's great national treasures – its estuaries – back to health.

My question to you:
What beautiful estuaries do you know of? 


  1. Wow amazing scenery! The world is so beautiful! On our honeymoon we were at the seaside in Stegna. And almost every day we were in Mikoszewo (because we wanted to visit Gdańsk) and there was the Vistula estuary. However, it wasn't amazing at all. When you see the bird's-eye views, they take your breath away. You can see the whole place not only what your eyes can show you...

    1. Indeed, this world IS beautiful. What a pity one can't see all the wonders of this world... Stegna... romantic :) I have been to Stegna many times, and - if I remember correctly - I went to Mikoszewo too. Is there a railway connection to Mikoszewo? The Thames estuary is also quite impressive ( Unfortunately, the farthest I ever reached was Greenwich...

    2. yes, you are right. There is a railway connection and even in Mikoszewo there is a ferry which can take you EVEN to Gdańsk ;) I have been to some countries but I must admit that Poland is the most beautiful. The problem is that we don't travel in Poland so we can't see this beauty!

    3. Yes... I remember the times when I was very pro-other countries... It seems that people change as they get older :) for I like Poland the most despite of all its drawbacks. Which countries have you visited so far?

      BTW: How are your two lazy male students doing? :)

    4. I've been to Austria, Czech Republic and I visited many places in Italy and in Germany... Unfortunately, I haven't been to Great Britain or the USA, but... there is a lot more to come :) I would like to see the United States.

      My students are OK. I'm trying to give them more my attention and my work. And it really works. I must be patient, determined and a bit strict, but also helpful, understanding and receptive at the same time. After all, I'm also learning...

    5. Wow... you're quite a globetrotter :) I'd love to go to some Africa, South America and Australia one day :)


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