Friday, December 14, 2012

words that begin with in-: insipid

Let me suggest another great word today:


It is an adjective and it means that something is uninteresting, lifeless, bland, without any flavor and dull; in Polish we have almost the same word and it is bez smaku, banalny, bez sensu, mdły, bezbarwny, nudny. And this is how you pronounce the word insipid.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • So sad: on the show, it really looked phenomenal, but it was just insipid.
  • Instead, the coverage was just insipid. It was three Times reporters basically sitting around the watching paint dry and pretending it was...
  • At worst, it was just insipid and kind of boring, which is to be expected for a premiere that has to set the stage for an entirely new storyline.
  • To my taste the lavender has a bit more depth and flavour the other two seem a bit insipid so I was going with the lavender...
  • Tea is very insipid after good coffee.
  • It was at first a very insipid diet, though common enough in many parts of Europe, but grew tolerable by time...            

My question to you:
Have you experienced anything you could describe as insipid?


  1. The last month was insipid for me. But today is the day of miracles and I'm alive again! :)

    1. What miracles are you talking about? Share with us :)

    2. I was exhausted, out of sorts with no hope... No confession for 2 months. I went today, I finished it and I immediately heard the first fragment of the Bible for today (So 3, 14-18). That was amazing. I experienced so much love, so much care and peace. And this really true Father's love. Everything became so easy. I had to fight for today. I listened to Szustak yesterday and he told me something important about confession and my life... It's difficult to describe all those miracles in English so it must be enough for you :)


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