Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The other day I was asked how to say: przysiady, brzuszki and pompki...

The other day I was asked how to say 'przysiady, brzuszki, pompki'... We were talking about exercise types and getting fit with a group of my students. Since these are very commonly used words, I'd like to share them with you too...



My personal experience:
Well, I think squats are good for girls... :) However, I can't say this type of exercise is bad... It really is difficult if you want to do honest squats... When you do some 50, you appreciate this exercise even more :)



My personal experience:
This one is more challenging... How many could I do? Well, being as old as I am, I can still manage a 100, which is a good score for me...



My personal experience:
And this one is really good for men :) We often see the so-called tough guys doing these in hundreds... mostly on TV :) What about real life? Well, this is my favorite exercise frankly speaking but the problem is that I don't do press-ups regularly, which obviously affects my performance. But I feel quite ok when I do 50 at a time. I try to force myself to do press-ups each day, but more often than not... laziness takes over...

My question to you:
Which of the three exercises are you good at? Do you practice them regularly? How often a week?


  1. Squats every day with my little baby :) up and down up and down and "tany tany" :)

    1. Isn't your kid too young? What are 'tany tany'?

    2. He is jumping (his new skill) and I'm doind half- squats :D Don't you know Polish expression "tany tany"? We say that to little children and it means "to dance" :)

    3. I see... Unfortunately, I didn't know 'tany tany' :) This makes me think of when I was a little kid and my granny was singing me the song "Szara piechota.." and I was marching around the living room table... so nobody ever taught me 'tany tany'... I was taught more serious stuff instead :)

  2. And you became a strict and relentless teacher- like a soldier :) My son will not be a teacher! :)


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