Wednesday, December 5, 2012

similes: Do December as-dark-as-pitch nights scare the crap outta you?

December is a nice month... Days are so short and before you notice, it gets darker and darker...  Nights are usually


...which means... very dark, very black in color, as black as coal :) Are you afraid of the dark? Why are we afraid of darkness? 

Fear is the oldest mechanism man is equipped with. Thanks to our fear we're able to respond relatively quickly to danger. We grow afraid when we see that our own resources do not guarantee security. When we are scared, we perform an incredibly speedy analysis of the current situation and either attack or run. The problem is that when it's dark, we can't assess properly whether we are in danger or not... Then we often tend to overestimate danger and are afraid beforehand. As everyone knows, we're not really prepared to live at night so we expect the worst and start to feel insecure. I risk saying that everyone is afraid of darkness, but certain people are just able to mask themselves better than others...

Are you afraid of darkness?


  1. "December is a nice month (...) Nights are usually as dark as pitch" czyli, że noce grudniowe są, jak to mówią Polacy, ciemne jak noc listopadowa? :) OK, but seriously... I'm not afraid of darkness if I firstly switch off my brain. Otherwise I hear strange noises and see scary shadows... Even the quietest sound of the fridge, may curdle my blood...

    1. Thanks for the joke :) LOL, indeed :-,
      I am really curious to know how you switch off your brain? Do you have any super powers? What is even more interesting is that you hear and see things then :) That must be some other super power :) Please share more of your experiences with your brain switched off and on :)

    2. And this is the time when I want to quote a very well known and extraordinarily well- read person in our circle: "What's so funny?" ;)) Well, I didn't actually mean "switching off my brain". What I really mean is that in such situations I try to switch off the option "think intensively". I used to watch horror films. Besides, I've got really wild imagination... This is why I have to avoid too much thinking especially at night :) Therefore, I've got no super powers! :(

      And what I hear... I think 3 or 4 years ago I had a chance to listen to exsorcisms. And it was the first and the last time (only God's Will can change my mind). After that I heard the same noises at night for 2 next weeks! But thankfully, that was only my neighbour snoring... ;)

    3. No offence :) Thanks for your answer. In fact, when I was young I used to experience things... And you're absolutely right to say it's only God's will and His Grace to change our way of thinking, behaving, looking at things, etc. I've also heard that watching too many exorcisms without prior prayer can be risky... Anyhow, praise the Lord!


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