Saturday, December 29, 2012

MATURA USTNA - Zadanie 3 - szkoła

Za chwilę wracamy do szkoły... więc dzisiaj, z myślą o maturzystach, temat związany ze szkołą :) Zapraszam do przestudiowania przykładu odpowiedzi do Zadania 3 matury ustnej z języka angielskiego.

Czas: 5 minut

Egzaminator: Read the task and think about what you'd like to say. You have about a minute to prepare.

[Po upływie około minuty, jeśli będzie taka potrzeba, egzaminator wbija się z tekstem następującym...]

Egzaminator: Can you start now?

[Teraz masz około dwóch minut, żeby uporać się z dwoma zadankami. Po pierwsze wybierasz jakiś obrazek z zestawu i uzasadniasz swój wybór. Po drugie wyjaśniasz dlaczego odrzucasz pozostałe obrazki.]

Zdający: So I am going to sing up for a final secondary school exam preparatory course (kurs przygotowujący do matury) offered by a private school. It's an interesting task indeed as both pictures really appeal to me (podobają mi się) at first glance (na pierwszy rzut oka). I presume I would choose the first one as it talks about friendly atmosphere and experienced teachers, which are, in fact, the two factors (czynniki) I believe are crucial (istotne) here. If atmosphere at school is friendly, if you feel motivated to go there and if, at the same time, you feel encouraged (zachęcony) to study there, it's just enough to foster (wspomagać) your learning. Experienced teachers only add to the value (dodawać wartości) of such a school. If they are truly (naprawdę) experienced, they will know how to make the most of even the weakest student. 

Simultaneously I am rejecting (odrzucam jednocześnie) the other picture. On the face of it (z pozoru) the picture doesn't look that bad. I could even think of choosing this school were it not (gdyby nie była) juxtaposed (zestawiona) with the previous one. When I come to think of what I actually see in the photo, I feel effectively repelled (skutecznie zniechęcony). Neither the man in the foreground (na pierwszym planie) looks inviting (zachęcająco), nor the whiteboard (biała tablica) in the background (w tle). The teacher - it he is a teacher - doesn't look professional. To my mind, he is a bit insane (szalony). The board with all the pseudo-clever (pseudo inteligentnymi) drawings, diagrams, formulas and what not (i czym tam jeszcze) looks just messy (w nieładzie) and chaotic. I have no idea how the picture goes with its slogan 'Effective methods, fast results.'     

[Teraz przeczhodzimy do drugiej części tego egzaminu, w której egzaminator zadaje ci dwa pytania. Na tę część zadania masz około dwóch minut.]

Egzaminator: Thank you. I will now ask you two questions.

1. What's the best way to prepare for exams?
It's a tough question. I guess there is no 'the best way' that would be universal for all. It's a very individual thing as each person should come up with his or her own effective ways of studying, revising, etc. Maybe there is a set of general hints one can analyze and pick out those hints that would work for him or her. My standpoint on this issue is that you should experiment with different learning techniques and simply remember those ones that work best for you.

2. Are exams really necessary? Why/Why not?
Aren't they? My feeling is that they are really necessary as they are intended for checking your knowledge. Students should be evaluated by their teachers to see whether or not they make progress. Exams aim at judging your knowledge in a specific time frame and in analyzing whether the student has mastered a certain course of study satisfactorily.   

Egzaminator: Thank you. This is the end of the exam.

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