Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is this my penultimate post?

Of course it is not! I hope, I will be able to produce many more posts... Anyhow, today I wish to focus on the word:


This is an adjective and refers to something or someone that is not last but next to last; in Polish we say przedostatni. And this is how you pronounce the word penultimate.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • It's the penultimate episode of the series tonight.
  • The V Festival is an annual music festival held in England during the penultimate weekend in August.
  • Pay day is the penultimate working day of each month.
  • The Epistle of Jude, often shortened to Jude, is the penultimate book of the...
  • This is the penultimate draft of the article.
  • It will be the penultimate opportunity for racegoers to see him in the flesh as...
  • The event will be the penultimate event on the 2013 European Tour...          

My question to you:
Think of your life for a second... Is there anything you have done or you're planning to do for the penultimate time? What is it?


  1. In penultimate Saturday I was at a party.

    1. Hi Karolina... Tell me more about yourself. Do you still go to school? Do you work? Why are you interested in English?

      ***On penultimate Saturday...*** :)


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