Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hope you're not a chain smoker...

Do you smoke? Luckily, I don't... In fact I have never even tried. What do people see in smoking? I really have no idea.  Is it the taste, is it the time spent on your own with a stog (fajka) or is it something else? What kind of pleasure do you get if you are a smoker? Is it a psychological pleasure, or maybe it is a physiological satisfaction? Can't one really get a similar sort of satisfaction from anything else?

As you see, there are so many question we can ask... Anyhow, if you smoke... please tell us why... Is smoking:

  • a reward for you?
  • oral pleasure (I mean... is there any inborn connection between thumbsucking and smoking)?
  • a way of measuring time for you?
  • a substitute for a friend?
  • an addicting way of analyzing the smoke itself? 
  • a way to satisfy your need to play with matches for a while?
  • a way of bringing back your good memories? 
  • just a part of your lifestyle? 
  • a way of forcing your brain to be more effective?
  • a way to help you relax?
  • a way of blowing all your troubles away? 

As you see... we can come up with quite a few reasons... Which of these is yours? Have you ever tried to quit? Why weren't you successful?

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