Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are you a great person?

The other day I was inspired by very wise words once uttered by Thomas Carlyle, who said

A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.
Wielki człowiek pokazuje swoją wielkość przez sposób, w jaki traktuje maluczkich.

Why was this sentence so inspiring for me? Well... It just made me think of how few genuinely great men there are today. Wherever you go, you experience other peoples' superiority, they take pleasure in humiliating others, proving they're better than others. Why can't there be more understanding and love among people? Whatever you think, all people are virtually the same. Everyone has a heart and this is where the source of love is. 

We, as people, are all unique no matter what our background, color, race, ethnicity, academic or socioeconomic status is... We should loo at others as special beings made in the image of God :) What has happened to our culture? Are we really becoming so drained out of feelings and the ability of looking at others with our hearts?

We all crave for acceptance, appreciation and love while what we see in everyday life is lack of all these three. If everyone tried to change themselves, all of our self-esteem would go high and our confidence would skyrocket! Why are there more and more people who live isolation? Everybody has a need to belong! People need to be understood and listened to... Every person wants to mean something in their lives, to feel respected and valued. Why is is so difficult for many to understand these simple things?

We all should try to be great and show our greatness by treating each and every person with due respect, love and caring. 

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