Thursday, December 20, 2012

Animal sounds: chirp

It's December 20, 2012... and, despite calendar hasn't really started yet, it truly is at full swing! 10 degrees Celsius below zero, snow up to your knees, and snowbanks all around... Today I've just thought of how wonderful spring is with all the greenery thriving and birds' singing... I think I really miss waking up to the chirping of birds in the morning. This makes me want to share another word with you...


This is both a verb and a noun and means either to utter the short sharp sound of a bird or just a short sharp sound of a bird itself; in Polish we would say 'ćwierkać, świergotać, zaćwierkać, ćwierkanie'.

A few examples from the Internet:

  • A NASA twin spacecraft has captured the clearest sounds yet from Earth's radiation belts- these sounds mimic the chirping of birds.
  • There are quiet lawns to relax upon, listening only to the chirping of the birds and the humming of bees...
  • Mrs. Page and I wake to the chirping of the birds daily.
  • The chirping of small birds, the sound made by the swift course of a flight of small...          

My question to you:
Do you miss birds' chirping? Do you ever notice birds' chirping? Do you like the sound of chirping birds?


  1. When I hear chirping birds, I know that the spring is coming! So I really miss chirping birds. I love early spring. In February/ March I'm fed up with dirty snow, heavy clothes... And the first chirping makes me really cheerful and the happiest person in the world! :)

    1. So it means you're truly filled with the Holly Spirit if you notice and appreciate such little things :) A few months ago I put up a bird feeder on our balcony in hope of having some small birds over to hear them chirp :) I am 50% successful... i.e. they do come but instead chirping they hit their beaks against the wooden walls of the feeder while eating grain :)

    2. Mu husband wanted to buy pork fat to hang on our balcony but I didn't agree... I'm a bit scared of birds... I could see that there are plenty of them on my balcony... However, when I'm far from them, I really appreciate their presence and existence :)


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