Thursday, November 22, 2012

similes: Are you bright?

A warm hello to ye on Thursday morning! We're approaching the long-awaited weekend... Does this thought make you  feel worked up? Or are you rather unflappable? Speaking of myself, I have to say, I am rather imperturbable about it as I'll have to work at the weekend... However, I feel very happy today as it will be my day off... Well, maybe not 100% off... but let's say that today I'm freer than on any other day this week :) 

Anyhow, today I wanted to talk about how my son usually feels in the morning, regardless of whether or not that particular day will be light or heavy for him...

Each morning he feels... 

as bright as a button

Yes, yes... another nice English simile which is hard to grasp... This is a British phrase and the simile makes some sense only when you come to think of a polished brass button, like the one in the picture. When we say someone is as bright as a button, we refer back to a small sparky thing... such as a brass button... Since buttons are small, we use this phrase to talk about "small" people or animals :) So, a kid, or any other small creature could be as bright as a button...

We use it to describe that we feel intelligently alert and lively (bystry i żywy), we feel fresh and able to think quickly.

A few examples from the Net:
  • Their new baby is as bright as a button! In America people say as cute as a button.
  • Why, Mrs. Green, your little girl is as bright as a button. You can't fool Jane. She may be only six years old, but she's bright as a button.
  • She is as bright as a button and manages to bring a consistently light spirit to her work, while maintaining serious academic rigour.
  • In the UK looking to broaden her presenting experience, she is a young woman who is as bright as a button and with energy enough to power a small country...
  • Whether your Labrador is as bright as a button, or a bit of a dozy chocolate drop, you know he really wants to please you.

My question:
Who, in your family, is as bright as a button?   

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